Our Family Program

This program offers support and guidance to families of various ages within our parishes. Healthy and cohesive families are directly correlated to safety and stability in our societies and communities. As such, this program provides social, spiritual and community guidance with a primary objective of spreading awareness about the sanctity of marriage and marital responsibilities, and married couples’ accountability to live according to church and spiritual values. This program, we believe, will result in the following:

  • More intact, stable and lifelong happy marriages.
  • A better understanding and appreciation of the deep and sacred meanings of matrimonial life, including parenthood, mutual trust, and God’s presence and role within the family.
  • Ability to offer timely support to families in trouble in cooperation with subject matter experts of our Parish.
  • Stronger support and guidance that will help families meet their living and religious aspirations and carry these values forward to the next generation.

The Family Program offers three services:

  1. Development Services: these services are focused on education and awareness about general family matters with the objective of helping families build healthy and happy relations within the family unit. This includes but is not limited to matrimonial relations, relations with in-laws, children upbringing, and establishing effective communications with children.
  2. Protective Services: these services are intended for families facing difficulties or hardships and may be at the risk of a breakup or separation. Examples are families who suffered the loss of a parent or those who are caring for a disabled child.
  3. Healthy Services: these services are offered to families in critical need where expert intervention is required.

Our Family Program endeavors to reach out to as many families as possible. We do this through forming and training parish committees, at various locations across the country, who are tasked with delivering the above services and increasing spiritual, social and community awareness within their circle.

Future Vision:

Our Family Program aspires to develop a counseling Centre that will become the reference for all matters related to healthy family planning, children upbringing and relationships based upon the Church’s teachings and doctrines.

It is our hope that this Centre will be able to reach out to and work closely with families, schools and various parishes all over the kingdom, to identify and respond to the different needs, efficiently and effectively.